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  • Client Testimonials

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    “I was struggling in dealing with difficult times with COVID and Dr. Evosevich was able to help me reframe my experience in the world and make better decisions. He was able to help me find the answers to being happier and dealing with my daily life. I would recommend him to anyone needing an experienced therapist.”

    Jose G

    “J.M. was so caring in helping us resolve our relationship issues. We were fighting all the time and were ready to break up. J.M. helped us see the dysfunctional communication patterns we had fallen into that were making us unhappy. With his help we are communicating better than ever and have renewed our commitment to each other.”

    Jessica & Frank

    “J.M. was incredibly helpful to me in a very difficult time in my life. He was able to assist me in untangling myself from a very abusive, toxic relationship. He was patient with me and was able to help me see that I had the answers to my problems. I will definitely see him again in the future.”

    Sat S.

    “I cannot say enough about my life changing experience with Dr. Evosevich. He has an approach that makes you instantly comfortable but also is able to confront me about the emotional problems that I have been experiencing over the past 2 years. J.M. was able to help me understand what a healthy relationship is and how to be less codependent. I will definitely see him in the future when I need help.”

    David C.