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    In today’s 24/7 instant communication and gratification culture, stress and pressure are often all too common, in addition to dealing with COVID-19, its limitations to life and social isolation. Our jobs, relationships, friendships and even our pets demand time from us and results in little “me” time. Going offline to nurture yourself is all too uncommon but can be the key to a more contented, joyous, and thriving life. My practice specializes in helping you have a more happy, healthy, productive, and more importantly relaxed life. Taking an hour of your time to go offline has great benefits to creating peace in your life.

    “Above all, Don’t fear difficult moments. The best comes from them.” – Rita Levi-Montalcini

    Dealing with the stresses and pressures of life can create a more balanced and happy life. Anxiety & depression are pervasive in our country and having better coping skills to navigate them to create harmony for ourselves and our relationships is what I help people achieve.

    You know the answers to your questions but often times have difficulty accessing them due to self doubt, fear or making the wrong decision. Uncovering these answers frequently leads to a less complicated, more gratifying life. Let’s get to work uncovering the wisdom you already have within.

    Our Mission

    Vision:           The vision of LifeMark Behavioral Health is to be a leader in California mental health services and to be accessible to populations that can benefit from its services. 

    Mission:         The mission of LifeMark Behavioral Health is to provide outpatient mental health services to the communities of the state of California by bringing together highly qualified and credentialed mental health professionals.  

    Values:          LifeMark Solutions is guided by the following values:

    • Integrity, Honesty & Authenticity
    • Treat People with Respect & Fairness
    • Ethical Business Practices
    • Clinical Excellence

    Our Team

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